Authors: Vitek, E.; Weber, A.; Burtt, B. L.
Publication: Beitrage zur Biologie der Pflanzen
Year: 1998
Genera: Didissandra, Many Genera

Following recent work on Didissandra (Weber & Burtt 1998) and index is presented in which the current position of the species originally (or by transfer) ascribed to that genus is indicated. Out of over 80 species (c 100 names) 3 are now placed in Ancylostemon, 1 in Anna, 9 in Briggsia, 1 in Briggsiopsis, 18 in Corallodiscus, 8 (11 names) in Didissandra, 2 in Henckelia, 5 in Isometrum, 2 in Loxostigma, 1 in Oreocharis, 11 in Raphiocarpus, 23 in Ridleyandra, 1 in Tetraphyllum, 1 in Mazus (Scrophulariaceae). Types are quoted and notes and references are given to some species.

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