Authors: Blaser, Juliana Goncalves ; Salimena, Fatima Regina G.; Chautems, Alain
Publication: Rodriguesia
Year: 2012
Genera: Anetanthus, Nematanthus, Sinningia, Vanhouttea

Serra Negra is part of the Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range, in the southern part of the “Zona da Mata” in Minas Gerais. Vegetation is composed of a mosaic of “campos rupestres” and remnants of Tropical Upland Rainforest, Tropical Lowland Rainforest and Alluvial Rainforest at altitudes varying from 900 to 1680 m. The family Gesneriaceae is represented in the area by 4 genera and 9 species: Anetanthus gracilis, Nematanthus crassifolius, N. lanceolatus, N.strigillosus, Sinningia cooperi, S. sceptrum, S. tuberosa, Vanhouttea brueggeri and V. hilariana. An identification key for species, descriptions, illustrations, geographic distribution and taxonomic comments are provided.