Authors: Banka, R. A.; Kiew, R.
Publication: Edinburgh Journal of Botany
Year: 2009
Genera: Henckelia, Loxocarpus

Of the 25 species presently named in Henckelia sect. Loxocarpus (Gesneriaceae), 10 occur in Peninsular Malaysia (with one species extending into Peninsular Thailand), 12 in Borneo, two in Sumatra and one in Lingga (Indonesia). One species from Peninsular Malaysia is excluded from the section. A key to species in Peninsular Malaysia is provided, together with descriptions and distributions. Three new species are described: Henckelia anthonysamyi Banka, H. sekayuensis Banka & Kiew and H. sericiflava Kiew & Banka. All Peninsular Malaysian species are endemic, many narrowly so – eight are presently known from just one or two localities.