Authors: Ranasinghe, Subhani; Milne, Richard; Jayasekara, Rohana; Rubasinghe, Sumudu; Möller, Michael
Publication: Willdenowia
Year: 2016
Genera: Chirita, Henckelia

A new species, Henckelia wijesundarae, endemic to Hiniduma, Galle, Sri Lanka, is described and illustrated. Diagnostic features of the new species are discussed and compared to the closely allied species H. walkerae. Based on feldwork studies, we propose an IUCN conservation status of Critically Endangered (CR) for H. wijesundarae. At the same time we lectotypify the names Chirita walkerae (the basionym of H. walkerae) and C. walkerae var. parvifora (treated here in the synonymy of H. wijesundarae).