Authors: Sharma, S. K.; Sharma, M.
Publication: Journal of Cell and Tissue Research
Year: 2013
Genera: Sinningia

An efficient and reproducible protocol for in vitro multiplication of gloxinia has been developed. Leaf discs used as explants were surface sterilized with HgCl2 (0.1%) and Bavistin (2%). Sterilized explants were cultured on MS media augmented with BAP (2 mg/l) and NAA (0.5 mg/l) which proved most appropriate for shoot induction. Sprouted shoots were sub cultured on medium with different concentrations of BAP which resulted in varying degrees of multiple shoots. Increasing the concentration of BAP resulted in reduction in number of shoots per explant. Maximum proliferation of shoots was observed in MS medium augmented with BAP (2.0 mg/l) and NAA (0.5 mg/l) within 2 weeks and average number of shoots per explant was 7.3. The in vitro raised shoots of gloxinia were successfully rooted in MS media fortified with NAA and IBA. Rooted plantlets could be successfully established in potting mixture of cocopeat and sand (1:1).