Authors: Vinterhalter, Branka; Vinterhalter, Dragan; Budimir, Snezana
Publication: Glasnik Instituta Za Botaniku I Botanicke Baste Univerziteta U Beogradu
Year: 1995
Genera: Jancaea

Shoot cultures of Jankea heldreichii were established from seeds aspetically germinated on hormone-free MS medium. Various explants including cotyledone and hypocotyle fragments, axillary buds and whole shoots were transferred to MS medium supplemented with 5.0 mg/l BA and 0.1mg/l IBA for shoots induction. Shoots regenerated directly without intervening callus on types of explants. Most responsive were cotyledone fragments and whole shoots manifesting 80% and 100% shoot regeneration respectively. Shoot cultures were maintained on medium with BA decreased to 0.2-o.5 mg/l BA and rooted on medium with 0.5mg/l IBA.

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