Authors: Weber, A.; Burtt, B. L.; Vitek, E.
Publication: Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien
Year: 2000
Genera: Didymocarpus

Basic taxonomic information is supplied that will be useful for a future revision of Didymocarpus Wall. (in the emended sense of Weber & Burtt 1998). The paper includes a list of sectional, specific and infraspecific names (including nomina nuda and illegitimate names) relevant for Didymocarpus in its present definition, with reference to the original description, type, distribution (provisional, according to available records), illustrations, and recent literature. Notes are given where appropriate. Lectotypes are proposed for D. andersonii, D. aurantiacus, D. hookeri, and D. mortonii described by Clarke (1974). One species, D. macrocalyx Kraenzl., is reduced to D. primulifolius D. Don. Species of uncertain position (but possibly Didymocarpus) and species to be excluded are earmarked by one and two asterisks, respectively. All specific epithets ever used in Didymocarpus are summarized in the appendix, with indication of the current position of the species (for detailed references and types see Vitek & al. 2000).