Authors: Ye, Huagu; Li, Chuyuan; Ye, Wencai; Zeng, Feiyan; Liu, Fangfang; Liu, Yuanyuan; Wang, Faguo; Ye, Yushi; Fu, Lin; Li, Jianrong
Publication: Common Chinese Materia Medica
Year: 2022
Genera: Aeschynanthus, Boea, Chirita, Corallodiscus, Didymocarpus, Hemiboea, Paraboea

This chapter introduces 22 species of medicinal plants in three families, mainly including Aeginetia indica, Cistanche deserticola, Cistanche tubulosa, Cistanche sinensis, Lathraea japonica, Orobanche coerulescens of Orobanchaceae, Aeschynanthus acuminatus, Boea hygrometrica, Chirita eburnean, Corallodiscus kingianus, Didymocarpus hancei, Hemiboea subcapitata, Paraboea crassifolia, Paraboea sinensis of Gesneriaceae, Campsis grandiflora, Catalpa ovata, Incarvillea mairei, Oroxylum indicum, Radermachera sinica, and Tecoma capensis of

This chapter introduces the scientific names, medicinal names, morphologies, habitats, distributions, acquisition and processing methods of these medicinal plants, the content of medicinal properties, therapeutic effects, usage, and dosage of these medicinal plants, and attaches unedited color pictures and pictures of part herbal medicines of each species.