Authors: Smith, James F.; Clark, John L.
Publication: Systematic Botany
Year: 2013
Genera: Christopheria, Lesia, Pachycaulos, Pagothyra

Recent molecular phylogenetic analyses have revealed that many genera in tribe Episcieae of Gesneriaceae are polyphyletic. The strong support from molecular data necessitates name changes for these taxa. In this paper we make the formal transfer of these species. As a result, four monospecific new genera are described to accommodate monophyletic lineages. The option to create monospecific genera is made as opposed to including these species in single, large,morphologically heterogeneous genera. The new genera are Christopheria, Lesia, Pachycaulos, and Pagothyra, and include the species Christopheria xantha, Lesia savannarum, Pachycaulos nummularium, and Pagothyra maculata.