Authors: Weber, Anton; Middleton, David J.; Forrest, Alan; Kiew, Ruth; Lim, Chung Lu; Rafidah, A. R.; Sontag, Susanne; Tribour, Pramote; Wei, Yi-Gang; Yao, Tze Leong; Möller, Michael
Publication: Taxon
Year: 2011
Genera: Chirita, Chiritopsis, Damrongia, Hemiboeopsis, Henckelia, Liebigia, Microchirita, Primulina, Wentsaiboea

The polyphyletic genus Chirita is remodelled after an extensive molecular phylogenetic study of species assigned to it and to other associated genera. Most of Chirita sect. Chirita and the monotypic Hemiboeopsis are amalgamated with Henckelia sect. Henckelia, resulting in a very differently circumscribed genus Henckelia and the synonymisation of Chirita. The remaining species of Chirita sect. Chirita are accommodated in the revived genus Damrongia. Chirita sect. Liebigia is recognised as the genus Liebigia. Chirita sect. Microchirita is recognised as the genus Microchirita. Chirita sect. Gibbosaccus is, together with Chiritopsis and Wentsaiboea, included in the originally monotypic and now enormously expanded genus Primulina. The necessary combinations are made and a general list showing the present accommodation of the species previously described under Chirita, Chiritopsis, Hemiboeopsis, Primulina and Wentsaiboea is provided.