Authors: Vitek, E.; Weber, A.; Burtt, B. L.
Publication: Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien
Year: 2000
Genera: Codonoboea, Didymocarpus, Henckelia, Loxocarpus, Many Genera

The genus Didymocarpus has for long been used as a dumping ground for species of different affinities and different geographical origin. Following recent work on Didymocarpus and the associated genera Loxocarpus, Codonoboea, and Platyadenia, which resulted in a much narrower delimitation of Didymocarpus, the re-instatement and enormous expansion of Henckelia and the erection of the new genus Hovanella (Weber & Burtt 1998d), a list is presented in which the current position of the species formerly referred to these genera can be found. Types are quoted for all species except for those belonging to Didymocarpus s.str., for which the quotations are given in Weber & al. (2000). Notes and references to recent literature are added.