Authors: Clark, John L.; Jost, Lou
Publication: Phytokeys
Year: 2021
Genera: Kohleria

Recent studies of type specimens and exploratory research expeditions in the northern Andes have resulted in an updated circumscription and recognition for two species of Kohleria (Gesneriaceae) in Ecuador and Colombia. A change in the rank from a variety to species is recognized for Kohleria anisophylla (Fritsch) Wiehler. The combination Kohleria andina (Fritsch) J.L. Clark & Jost, comb. nov. is provided here and a lectotype is designated. The updated circumscriptions of these two species are supported by morphology and geographic distribution. The presence of an epiphytic habit for Kohleria is discussed. Field images based on recent expeditions are provided to support the circumscriptions presented here.