Authors: Chautems, Alain
Publication: Candollea
Year: 2002
Genera: Paliavana, Vanhouttea

A new combination, Paliavana gracilis (Mart.) Chautems, and five new species from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, are described and illustrated, Paliavana plumerioides Chautems, Vanhouttea brueggeri Chautems, V. hilariana Chautems, V. leonii Chautems, V. pendula Chautems. Conservation status is given following IUCN criteria and most of the species are classified as endangered. With the additional new taxa, Paliavana Vand. now has six species and Vanhouttea Lem. eight species. A key to the taxa of the two genera is provided.