Authors: Haziri, Agim; Memishi, Sheval; Abdii, Nasuf
Publication: Journal not found
Year: 2023
Genera: Ramonda

From the current knowledge of flora in North Macedonia, Ramonda nathaliae Pančić & Petrović is present in some localities along the mouths of the River Vardar. New localities of spread of this species were discovered several years ago, near the village of Cerovo and in Karpallak. During the ongoing research of Ramonda nathaliae Pančić & Petrović, in North Macedonia, another new locality, was recognized which represents a new record of distribution of this species in the flora of North Macedonia. Examine specimens: on steep rocky terrain: 364 m, 41º 58′ N, 21º 11′ E, May 2022, in Laskartsi, Municipality of Zelino.

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