Authors: Zheng, Yong-li; Xia, Nian-he
Publication: Journal of Tropical and Subtropical Botany
Year: 2002
Genera: Boeica, Gyrocheilos, Hemiboea, Opithandra, Oreocharis

Six species of family Gesneriaceae are newly recorded to Guangdong Province, viz. Oreocharis magneidens Chun ex K. Y. Pan, Boeica stolonifera K. Y. Pan, Hemiboea subacaulis Hand.-Mazz., Gyrocheilos chorisepalum W. T. Wang and Opithandra sinohenryi (Chun) Burtt. A new variety, Oreocharis nemoralis Chun var. lanata Y. L. Zheng et N. H. Xia, is described.

Article is partly in Chinese. Note that the genus Gyrocheilos is spelled Gyrochoilos in the article itself.