Authors: Clark, John L.; Skog, Laurence E.; Barrie, Fred R.
Publication: Novon
Year: 2011
Genera: Alloplectus, Amalophyllon, Columnea, Dalbergaria, Pentadenia, Resia

Fieldwork and current research projects in Central and South America on the Gesneriaceae have shown that nomenclatural and taxonomic changes are needed. The Ecuadorian endemic species Columnea albovinosa (M. Freiberg) J. L. Clark & L. E. Skog is transferred from Dalbergaria Tussac. The name Pentadenia lutea M. Freiberg is synonymized with C. angustata (Wiehler) L. E. Skog. Amalophyllon ecuadoranum (Wiehler) J. L. Clark, comb. nov., is recognized as a species distinct from A. divaricatum (Poepp.) Boggan, L. E. Skog & Roalson. The application of the name C. serrata (Klotzsch ex Oerst.) Hanst. is stabilized by the designation of a neotype. The new name Drymonia ovatifolia J. L. Clark is made for the species Nautilocalyx dressleri Wiehler. Resia bracteata, a name originally published without a Latin diagnosis, is here validly published as R. bracteata J. L. Clark & L. E. Skog.