Authors: Flores-Fausto, César; Ramírez-Roa , Angélica
Publication: Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad
Year: 2022
Genera: Achimenes, Drymonia, Eucodonia, Moussonia, Rhynchoglossum, Sinningia, Solenophora

A total of 22 genera and 62 species of Gesneriaceae have been recorded in Oaxaca, mainly in regional floras. Until now, the Mixe and Yautepec districts had not been considered. Here, we report the first collections of the family from Asunción Acatlán, municipality of San Juan Juquila Mixes, Yautepec district. A preliminary list of taxa present in the Mixe and Yautepec districts is provided, and a new species, Moussonia benitojuarezii, with material collected from the districts Cuicatlán, Ixtlán, and Mixe.

In Spanish, with English Abstract.