Authors: Hilliard, O. M.; Burtt, B. L.
Publication: Edinburgh Journal of Botany
Year: 1995
Genera: Didymocarpus, Lysionotus

Didymocarpus rodgeri (incl. var. siamensis) is reduced to a synonym of D. aureoglandulosus (SE India, Burma and Thailand); D. subalternans var. curvicapsa (Nepal–Sikkim) is raised to specific rank, and a new species, D. triplotrichus (Darjeeling distr. and Sikkim), is described. Lysionotus himalayensis is redetermined and reduced to synonymy under L. serratus; as a result L. atropurpureus, which name it had recently superseded, is reinstated. Aeschynanthus kingii and A. levipes are both transferred to Lysionotus, while L. wardii and L. gracilipes are reduced to synonymy under L. pubescens. Notes and new records are provided for L. confertus and L. serratus var. pterocaulis.