Authors: Burtt, B. L.
Publication: Edinburgh Journal of Botany
Year: 1999
Genera: Boea, Cyrtandra, Didymocarpus, Fieldia, Lenbrassia, Streptocarpus

I. Lenbrassia G.W. Gillett, which has a zygomorphic corolla and four didynamous stamens with anthers joined, is reduced to Fieldia A. Cunn., which has an actinomorphic corolla and four equal stamens with anthers free; the new combination, F. australiana, is made. II. Boea wallichii R.Br. is distinguished from B. hygrometrica (Bunge) R.Br. with which it has been confused. III. Cyrtandra oblongifolia sensu Kraenzlin is described as a new species, C. kalimantana, allied to C. oblongifolia (Blume) C.B.C1. but distinguished by its hairy leaves, fruits, calyx and corolla; the sterile specimens from Borneo quoted under Cyrtandra rufa Bakh.f. are tentatively referred to C. kalimantana. IV. A specimen of Cyrtandra from the Natuna Islands is identified with C. suffruticosa Ridley from Pulau Tioman and the Malay Peninsula; in contrast two other Gesneriaceae from these islands are of Bornean affinity. V. Didymocarpus pteronema is a new species from Tenasserim province of Burma (= Myanmar): it is anomalous in its campanulate corolla and filaments with unilateral membranous wing. VI. Streptocarpus huamboensis is a new species from Angola allied to S. rhodesianus S. Moore.