Authors: Hinoshita, Lucas Katsumi Rocha; de Araujo, Andrea Onofre; Goldenberg, Renato
Publication: Rodriguesia
Year: 2018
Genera: Besleria, Codonanthe, Gloxinia, Napeanthus, Nematanthus, Seemannia

The family Gesneriaceae has seven genera and 39 species in the state of Paraná: Besleria (1 sp), Codonanthe (3), Gloxinia (1), Napeanthus (2), Nematanthus (6), Seemannia (1) and Sinningia (25). In this work we present a taxonomic treatment for the first six genera, i.e. for the whole family except for Sinningia, whose monograph is in preparation. We provide an identification key for species, descriptions, data on distribution and phenology and illustrations for each species recorded to Paraná.

Article in Portoguese.