Authors: Wang, Yin-Zheng
Publication: Australian Systematic Botany
Year: 2003
Genera: Gyrogyne

The anatomical re-investigation of the ovary in the holotype of Gyrogyne subaequifolia W.T.Wang is carried out in order to clarify the ovarian structure of the genus Gyrogyne W.T.Wang (Gesneriaceae), a seemingly unusual ovarian structure according to its original description. The present anatomical re-investigation reveals that the ovary is, in fact, bilocular with a swollen axile placenta in the centre, that is, the median area of the membranous septum. The ovarian structure of G. subaequifolia shows, thus, a common feature frequently observed in the ovaries of Gesneriaceae rather than a unique ovarian characteristic that contributes to the family Gesneriaceae. The systematic placement of Gyrogyne and the relationship between Gyrogyne and allies are discussed.