Authors: Gasparino, Eduardo Custodio; da Cruz-Barros, Maria Amelia Vitorino; Chautems, Alain; Gallett, Silvia Regina
Publication: Revista Brasileira de Botanica
Year: 2011
Genera: Besleria, Napeanthus

This paper presents a study of the pollen grains of three species of Besleria L. (B. longimucronata Hoehne, B. selloana Klotzsch & Hanst., B. umbrosa Mart.) and one of Napeanthus (Napeanthus primulifolius (Raddi) Sandw.) from São Paulo state and Napeanthus reitzii (L. B. Sm.) B. L. Burtt ex Leeuwenb. occurring in southern Brazil. The pollen material was acetolysed, measured, described and illustrated using light microscopy. For further details of pollen surface and exine, non-acetolysed pollen grains were analyzed by means of scanning and transmission electron microscopy. The pollen grains of Besleria and Napeanthus are small to medium size, isopolar, oblate spheroidal, 3-colporate, endoaperture lolongate, psilate-perforate (B. longimucronata), rugulate (B. umbrosa) and microreticulate (B. selloana, N. primulifolius e N. reitzii). The results demonstrated the taxonomic importance of pollen morphology studies corroborating with the subdivision of the taxa in these tribes.

Article in Portuguese.