Authors: Chen, Wen-Hong; Möller, Michael; Zhang, Mei-De; Shui, Yu-Min
Publication: Annales Botanici Fennici
Year: 2012
Genera: Paraboea

Two new species of Gesneriaceae, Paraboea hekouensis Y.M. Shui & W.H. Chen and P. manhaoensis Y.M. Shui & W.H. Chen, are described and illustrated. The former species is similar to P. nutans in possessing a basal leaf rosette, centrally positioned styles and slightly twisted fruits, but differs from it by having a dense golden-brown and long pubescence on the abaxial surface of the leaves, smaller white flowers and two basal staminodes. The latter is similar to P. crassifolia in possessing basal obovate leaves, centrally positioned styles, and a thick matted indumentum on the lower surface of the leaves, but differs by its smaller white flowers, shorter corolla tubes and only slightly twisted fruits. The leaf surface characters and various types of indumentum of the above four species are also observed in detail and discussed. An identification key to the Chinese and Vietnamese species with a rosulate habit in Paraboea is provided.