Authors: Xin, Zi-Bing; Van Do, Truong; Fu, Long-Fei; Huang, Zhang-Jie; Maciejewski, Stephen; Wen, Fang
Publication: Nordic Journal of Botany
Year: 2021
Genera: Petrocodon

Petrocodon vietnamensis, a new species from karst cave in north Vietnam is described and illustrated. It is morphologically close to P. bonii, but can be distinguished from the latter by having a green, 3–6 cm long peduncle; green, ca 5 mm long calyx lobes; narrow infundibuliform, a 1.1–1.2 cm long corolla tube; ovate abaxial lip lobes; pink to white, 9.5–10.5 mm long filaments; lateral staminodes adnate to ca 12 mm above the corolla base; densely white glandular-puberulent pistil; a pink to white, 5.5–7.5 mm long style; a white stigma, and a 2–3 cm long capsule. Information on ecology, phenology, preliminary conservation assessment of the new species and a key for the taxonomic identification of Petrocodon species in Vietnam are also provided.