Authors: Han, Meng-Qi; Ya, Ji-Dong; Li, Chao-Qun; Cai, Jie
Publication: Nordic Journal of Botany
Year: 2022
Genera: Petrocosmea

Two new species of Petrocosmea (Gesneriaceae), P. purpureomaculata M.Q. Han, J. Cai & J. D. Ya from Jinping County and P. wui M.Q. Han, J. Cai & J. D. Ya from Eshan County, Yunnan Province, China, are described and illustrated. Petrocosmea wui was previously misidentified as P. coerulea due to its shield-shaped leaf base, but can be distinguished by several salient characters. Petrocosmea purpureomaculata is most similar to but distinguishable from P. parryorum. Additions and revisions of previously published descriptions of P. coerulea and P. parryorum, are also provided.