Authors: Faysal, Md.; Azad, A. K.; Rahman, Mizanur; Hossain, Md. Sarowar; Parvez, Anwar; Begh, Md. Zamshed Alam
Publication: Pharmacology Online
Year: 2019
Genera: Rhynchotechum

From the archaic times Rhynchotechum ellipticum (Gesneriaceae) used locally as alleviates coughs in children. It is available in Chittagong and Sylhet, Bangladesh. The present study was carried out to investigate phytochemical, cytotoxic and thrombolytic activity of Rhynchotechum ellipticum leaf and stem of acetonic extracts . The cytotoxic activity was determined by using brine shirmp lethality bioassay and thrombolytic activity was determined in accordance with clot disruption method. For cytotoxic activity, leaf and stem extracts showed LC 50 value 71.70 and 55 μg/ml; respectively. On the other hand, the reference standard Vincristine sulphate showed LC 50 value was 2.63 μg/ml. In the thrombolytic activity of leaf and stem extracts showed clot lysis (41.98%) and (34.21%); respectively. The standard of Streptokinase showed clot lysis (68.42%). The extracts also showed moderate antibacterial activity. It can be revealed that the extract of Rhynchotechum ellipticum (Gesneriaceae) possess cytotoxic and thrombolytic activity. The potential of these activities may be due to the presence of most of the phytochemicals which supports previous claims and validate its uses as an expected folk