Authors: Wen, Fang; Wei, Yi-Gang; Lu, Hui-Zhen
Publication: Novon
Year: 2014
Genera: Primulina

Primulina carinata Y. G. Wei, F. Wen & H. Z. Lü (Gesneriaceae) is described and illustrated as a new species endemic to Guangxi, China. It is similar to P. parvifolia (W. T. Wang) Yin Z. Wang & J. M. Li, but can be distinguished by its lack of stolons, by its longer peduncle 12–20 cm or more (vs. 5.3–5.6 cm in P. parvifolia), by the longer pedicels 10–12 mm (vs. ca. 8 mm), by the ventral surface of the corolla tube longitudinally constricted, forming a keel (vs. the upper portion of corolla tube swollen, forming an elevated ridge), by the staminal filaments sparsely glandular puberulent (vs. glabrous), and by three staminodes (vs. two), with the lateral two at different lengths, ca. 4 mm and ca. 2 mm (vs. the staminal pair at equal length, ca. 5 mm).