Authors: Hong, Xin; Zhou, Shou-Biao; Wen, Fang
Publication: Phytotaxa
Year: 2012
Genera: Primulina

A new species of Primulina, P. chizhouensis, from Anhui, China, is described and illustrated. It is similar to P. nandanensis and P. juliae in leaf and flower shape, but can be distinguished by extraordinary short rhizomes (5–7 mm long), cymes 1–3(–10), peduncles 1.3–5 cm long, ovate bracts acuminate at apex, corolla 4–5 cm long with cylindrical tube and the lower lip to ca. 1.2 cm long, scattered glandular-pubescent filaments, the backside of the anthers bearded, and the plants forming compact dormancy buds in winter.