Authors: Jiang, Neng; Li, Hong
Publication: Nordic Journal of Botany
Year: 2013
Genera: Primulina

A new species of Gesneriaceae, Primulina debaoensis Neng Jiang & Hong Li, from Guangxi Zhuangzu Autonomous Region, China, is illustrated and described here. It resembles another endemic and stenochoric species in Guangxi, P. pungentisepala (W. T. Wang) Mich. Möller & A. Weber, but differs by having 12–18 or more leaves, leaf blade being broadly linear, oblanceolate‐elliptical or oblanceolate, bracts being ovate or elliptical with silvery or argenteous nerves and by having a yellow ovary that is 4–5 mm long and sparsely white pubescent.