Authors: Pan, Bo; Wang, Bing-Mou; Yang, Li-Hua; Lai, Bi-Dan; Li, Peng-Wei
Publication: Nordic Journal of Botany
Year: 2022
Genera: Primulina

Primulina fangdingii, a species of Gesneriaceae new to science from Guangxi, China, is corroborated by both morphological and molecular evidence. The new species is similar to P. longzhouensis in leaf shape and size, but is easily distinguished from the latter by its adaxially glabrous leaf blades, yellow corolla with reddish inner surface and yellow filaments. It is also similar to P. repanda in corolla color and corolla shape, but can be diagnosed by its fleshy small leaves with glabrous adaxial surface, glandular and eglandular pubescent pedicels, yellow filaments and annular disc. In addition, Primulina fangdingii is somewhat similar to nine other species of Primulina, including P. cordifoliaP. danxiaensisP. xiuningensisP. chingipengiiP. cordistigmaP. diffusaP. jingxiensisP. petrocosmeoides and P. sinovietnamica, in either floral or vegetative morphology. However, all these species differ from P. fangdingii by a series of morphological characters. Phylogenetic analyses with ITS and two chloroplast DNA regions (rpL32-trnLtrnL-F) revealed that P. fangdingii is sister to P. luochengensis and isolated from its morphological relatives. Primulina fangdingii is described and illustrated here, and a key to the new species and its morphological allies is provided.