Authors: Wu, Wang-Hui; Meng, Tao; Xu, Wei-Bin; Liu, Sheng-Yuan; Zhang, Qiang
Publication: Phytotaxa
Year: 2012
Genera: Primulina

A new species of Gesneriaceae from Southwest Guangxi, China is described here as Primulina sinovietnamica. This previously unknown species is morphologically similar to P. pungentisepala and P. ningmingensis, but can be distinguished from the latter two taxa by several non-overlapping morphological characters. This hypothesis is consistent with the molecular phylogenetic tree based on sequences of the chloroplast matK gene, confirming evolutionary affinity of the new species to the two morphologically similar taxa. The three sampled individuals from the two presently known populations of the new species cluster together in the phylogenetic analysis, separated from the other two closest taxa by two common base substitutions, confirming the recognition of this new species.