Authors: Roy, Susmita; Paul, T. K.; Mukherjee, Sobhan Kr.
Publication: Bioscience Discovery
Year: 2017
Genera: Corallodiscus

The genus Corallodiscus Batalin belongs to the tribe Trichosporeae under the family Gesneriaceae. Altogether five species of Corallodiscus Batalin have been reported throughout the World of which only three species are found in India. These are C. bhutanicus, C. kingianus and C. lanuginosus. A detailed account of the range of morphological variations in Corallodiscus Batalin has been discussed here based on the herbarium specimens. Extensive variation of habit, leaf, peduncle and capsule has been pointed out among the three Indian species. All the species are provided with detailed description with a key to the specimens.