Authors: Chen, Wen-hong; Chen, Run-zheng; Yu, Zhi-yong; Zhu, Xin-tian; Shui, Yu-min
Publication: Plant Diversity and Resources
Year: 2015
Genera: Raphiocarpus

Raphiocarpus jinpingensis W.H. Chen & Y.M. Shui, a new species of Gesneriaceae, is described and illustrated, from the Xilong Mountain of Jinping County in Yunnan, China, bordering to North Vietnam. The new species is similar as R. petelotii (Pellegr.) Burtt in shapes of corolla and yellowish flowers, and differs from R. petelotii mainly in its plants with dense pubescence and calyx tubes subequal to calyx lobes.Its pollen grains and seeds are reported here under Scanning Electonic Microscope (SEM).