Authors: Chautems, Alain; Perret, Mathieu
Publication: Selbyana
Year: 2013
Genera: Codonanthe, Codonanthopsis

Recent phylogenetic studies based on molecular data have indicated that the epiphytic genus Codonanthe is not monophyletic, but segregated in two unrelated clades. This result completed with a close examination of biogeographical and morphological features that characterize these lineages led to the redefinition of monophyletic genera Codonanthe and Codonanthopsis. A key to the genera and a taxonomic treatment including revised generic descriptions, a list of the currently accepted species with their complete synonymies and distribution data are provided. Codonanthe is now reduced to eight species that are endemic to the Brazilian Atlantic forest. Codonanthopsis has been enlarged from two to 13 species distributed in Central America, the Caribbean, northwestern South-America, and the Amazonian basin. This expanded circumscription of Codonanthopsis requires the transfer of ten taxa traditionally recognized as Codonanthe and one originally described in Paradrymonia. This publication includes 11 new combinations and 9 lectotypifications.