Authors: Roalson, Eric H.; Boggan, John K.; Skog, Laurence E.
Publication: Selbyana
Year: 2005
Genera: Achimenes, Bellonia, Diastema, Eucodonia, Gloxinella, Gloxinia, Gloxiniopsis, Goyazia, Heppiella, Kohleria, Lembocarpus, Mandirola, Monopyle, Moussonia, Niphaea, Nomopyle, Pearcea, Phinaea, Seemannia, Sinningia, Smithiantha, Solenophora, Sphaerorrhiza

Morphological and molecular studies in tribe Gloxinieae have led to the need to describe four new genera and one new tribe, with two historically recognized genera resurrected and three currently recognized genera submerged into other generic concepts. The new genera Gloxinella, Gloxiniopsis, Nomopyle, and Sphaerorrhiza include species previously treated in Gloxinia. The genus Sphaerorrhiza also is treated as a new tribe because of its distant phylogenetic relationship to the Gloxinieae. Mandirola and Seemannia have been resurrected to define monophyletic groups of species previously treated in Gloxinia. The genera Anodiscus and Koellikeria have been submerged into the new circumscription of Gloxinia to reflect phylogenetic relationships and morphological similarities among the species of these genera. The circumscription of Kohleria is here broadened to include Capanea. In all, seven generic transfers of already available names are made as well as 11 new combinations: Gloxinella lindeniana, Gloxinia erinoides, G. xanthophylla, Gloxiniopsis racemosa, Kohleria affinis, K. tigridia, Mandirola rupestris, Nomopyle dodsonii, N. peruviana, Sphaerorrhiza sarmentiana, and S. burchellii.