Authors: Boggan, John K.; Skog, Laurence E.; Roalson, Eric H.
Publication: Selbyana
Year: 2008
Genera: Amalophyllon, Niphaea, Phinaea

Previous molecular and morphological studies have revealed that the genus Phinaea (Gesneriaceae-Gloxinieae) as circumscribed until now is polyphyletic. On the basis of these studies Phinaea s.s. is restricted to three species. Amalophyllon, originally described in Scrophulariaceae, is here recognized as a member of Gesneriaceae and as the first available generic name for the majority of the species previously included in Phinaea. An emended description of Amalophyllon is provided and the frequently confused genera Amalophyllon, Phinaea, and Niphaea are contrasted and the differences between them clarified. Eight species are transferred to Amalophyllon: A. albiflorum, A. caripense, A. divaricatum, A. laceratum, A. macrophyllum, A. repens, A. roezlii, and A. rubidum. Lectotypes are designated for two names, Niphaea parviflora and Napeanthus repens. Three new species, Amalophyllon clarkii, A. macrophylloides, and Niphaea pumila, are described. A key to the genera and species and lists of the currently known taxa for all three genera are provided.