Authors: Rodriguez-Flores, Claudia; Skog, Laurence E.
Publication: Selbyana
Year: 2008
Genera: Corytoplectus

Corytoplectus Oerst. (Gesneriaceae: Gesnerioideae, tribe Episcieae) from northwestern South America is revised to comprise 11 species, including 2 new species: C. longipedunculatus from eastern Colombia and western Venezuela and C. purpuratus from eastern Colombia; 3 new combinations, C. grandifolius from Bolivia and Peru, C. schlimii from Colombia and Venezuela, and C. zamorensis from Colombia; and the most common species, C. speciosus is divided into varieties, var. orbicularis and var. speciosus. One species of Corytoplectus is transferred to Drymonia as D. latifolia.