Authors: Johnson, Melissa A.
Publication: Phytotaxa
Year: 2020
Genera: Cyrtandra

Cyrtandra tempestii, a species endemic to the southeast coast of Taveuni, Fiji, is reevaluated in light of recent field collections and a thorough examination of herbarium specimens. A revised description of this species based on observations and morphological measurements from the field is presented here. Cyrtandra tuiwawai sp. nov. was formerly included under C. tempestii based on similarities in floral morphology and is described here as a new species endemic to the montane forests of Taveuni. Habitat preference, as well as morphological characters, distinguish the two species from one another. The addition of C. tuiwawai brings the total number of Cyrtandra species in Fiji to 42, and supports the need for continued fieldwork in the region.