Authors: Kiew, Ruth; Lau, Kah-Hoo
Publication: PhytoKeys
Year: 2019
Genera: Senyumia

The genus Senyumia was previously known from a single species, S. minutiflora (Ridl.) Kiew, A.Weber & B.L.Burtt, from a limestone karst, Gunung Senyum, in Pahang, Malaysia. Senyumia granitica Kiew, here described and illustrated, is the second species of the genus. It differs from S. minutiflora, not only in its habitat, but also in its shorter leaves, larger, non-resupinate or only partially resupinate flowers and smaller seeds. It is known from a small, fragmented population from a low range of hills. Therefore, under the IUCN Red List Categories & Criteria, it is assessed as Critically Endangered.