Authors: Xiao, L.-H.; Wang, Y.-Z.
Publication: Plant Systematics and Evolution
Year: 2007
Genera: Conandron

Conandron ramondioides with actinomorphic flower in Gesneriaceae is an endemic species distributed in Taiwan, Southeast of China and Japan. Populations are usually small and isolated in typically fragmented habitat. Based on SNPs of Gcyc1 (Cycloidea), a TCP gene known in patterning the floral dorsoventral asymmetry, we have explored the molecular evolution and genetic differentiation of Gcyc1 at population level, and the population history of C. ramondioides populations distributed in SE China. Eighteen SNPs are detected in 774-bp of the gene, of which eleven are non-synonymous. However, morphological observation of flowers shows that there is no visible differentiation in shape and size across the dorsoventral axis within each whorl. None of the eighteen SNPs is by all shared the eleven populations. Population differentiation is significant. These results reveal that evolution of Gcyc1 at population level is well in accord with the neutral theory. Our study indicates that the SNPs of developmental genes are also useful molecular markers for exploring the genetic differentiation and population history in non-model organisms.