Authors: Burtt, B. L.
Publication: Beiträge zur Biologie der Pflanzen
Year: 1998
Genera: Chirita, Codonoboea, Didymocarpus, Henckelia, Loxocarpus, Platyadenia, Roettlera

The early taxonomic history of the genera Didymocarpus Wall. and Henckelia Spreng. (Rottlera Vahl non Willd) is intimately connected with the early exploration of Indian and S. E. Asian plants and the collaboration between N. Wallich and W. Jack. This is in contrast to the lack of contact with workers on the continent, notably with Sprengel. The excessive extension of Didymocarpus to include not only Henckelia and numerous species from tropical Malesia, but even Chirita D. Don, is reorded. The paper concludes by noting current proposals for the redefinition of Didymocapus and the recognition of Henckelia as an independent genus for the species of S. India, and most of those from tropical Malesia, including Loxocarpus R. Br., Codonoboea Ridl. and Platyadenia B. L. Burtt, which have sometimes been segregated.

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