Authors: Chautems, Alain; Costa Lopes, Thereza Cristina; Peixoto, Mauro; Rossini, Josiene
Publication: Candollea
Year: 2010
Genera: Sinningia

Six new species of Sinningia Nees are described: Sinningia bullata Chautems & M. Peixoto, Sinningia canastrensis Chautems, Sinningia gerdtiana Chautems, Sinningia globulosa Chautems & M. Peixoto, Sinningia helioana Chautems & Rossini, and Sinningia muscicola Chautems, T. Lopes & M. Peixoto. An additional species, thought for some time to be undescribed, was recently identified as Sinningia polyantha (DC.) Wiehler. Comments on phylogenetic relationships within tribe Sinningieae Fritsch, as well as on ecology and conservation status, are also included. Each species is illustrated and a distribution map is provided.