Authors: Doweld, Alexander B.
Publication: Phytotaxa
Year: 2017
Genera: Tetraphylloides, Tetraphyllum

Tetraphyllum C.B.Clarke (1883) (extant Gesneriaceae) is replaced by a new name Tetraphylloides Doweld nom. nov., because of the earlier homonym, Tetraphyllum Hosius & von der Marck (1880) (fossil angiosperm). Three new combinations are made: Tetraphylloides bengalensis comb. nov., Tetraphylloides confertiflora comb. nov. and Tetraphylloides roseus comb. nov. A new subtribal name Tetraphylloidinae subtrib. nov. is validated instead of illegitimate subtribe name Tetraphyllinae, nom. illeg. Didissandra confertiflora Drake and Tetraphyllum roseum Stapf are lectotypified.

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