Authors: Rossini, Josiene; Fernandes, Helio de Queiroz Boudet; Chautems, Alain
Publication: Boletim do Museu de Biologia Mello Leitao
Year: 2017
Genera: Codonanthe, Columnea, Nematanthus, Paliavana, Sinningia

This work contributes to the knowledge of the flora of the Augusto Ruschi Biological Reserve, Santa Teresa, Espírito Santo, Brazil. The family Gesneriaceae is represented in the study area with 12 species distributed in the genera: Codonanthe (2 spp.), Columnea (1 sp.) Nematanthus (5 spp.), Paliavana (2 spp.) and Sinningia (2 spp.). We present a key for genera and species, and species descriptions, illustrations and comments ecological and geographical distribution.

Article is in Portuguese.