Authors: Atkins, H.; Cronk, Q. C. B.
Publication: Edinburgh Journal of Botany
Year: 2001
Genera: Cyrtandra

Collections of Cyrtandra from the island of Palawan in the Philippines are reviewed. Twelve species are present, of which only five species are already described. A further three species and one variety are described here: C. cleopatrae H.J. Atkins & Cronk sp.nov., C. pulgarensis [Elmer ex] H.J. Atkins & Cronk sp.nov., C. hirtigera H.J. Atkins & Cronk sp. nov., and C. hirtigera var. chlorina H.J. Atkins & Cronk var. nov. Further material of the remaining four taxa (spp. B, C, D, E) will be needed before these can be formally named, although descriptions are provided here. All species are endemic except C. elatostemoides Elmer and C. hypochrysoides Kränzl., which also occur in Borneo and Luzon respectively. The pattern of narrow endemism shown by the cyrtandras of Palawan is commented on briefly.