Authors: Wen, Fang; Xin, Zibin; Fu, Lonfei; Hong, Xin; Cai, Lei; Qin, Jiaqi; Pan, Bo; Pan, Fuzhuan; Wei, Yigang
Publication: Guangxi Sciences
Year: 2019
Genera: Many Genera

In the past ten years, the species number of Chinese Gesneriaceae has been growing dramatically. At the same time, the systematic positions of different species in this family have been changing frequently and huge because the large-scale revision at the genus level of Gesneriaceae were carried out since 2011. It caused considerable confusion between the scientific names used in the Chinese literature and the corresponding Chinese name of Gesneriaceae species in China. This paper collated all the new taxonomic groups of the Chinese genus Gesneriaceae that were officially reported after four monographs “Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae: Vol. 69” “Flora of China:Vol. 18” “Plants of Gesneriaceae in China” “Gesneriaceae of South China” and the biodiversity literature of the genus Gesneriaceae in China, which was summarized in the previous stage, had been published. We also provided the comparison of the old and new species names before and after the revision of the species, drafted the Chinese name for some new taxonomic group with no Chinese name specified at the time of publication, and sorted out those Chinese names of Gesneriaceae species with confusion. It will lay a foundation for domestic researchers to better quote and use the Chinese name of Gesneriaceae species in the future. As of January 2019, there were 719 species (including infraspecies) of Gesneriaceae plant that had been officially reported and qualifiedly published in China. The checklist of Gesneriaceae in China under the background of new Chinese naming rules will be updated in real time on the website of Gesneriad Conservation Center of China (GCCC) (http://gccc.,

In Chinese, with English plant names.