Authors: Freiberg, Martin
Publication: Brittonia
Year: 2000
Genera: Gasteranthus

The gesneriad flora of the Reserva Río Guajalito, Province of Pichincha, and Bosque Protector Otonga, Province of Cotopaxi, Ecuador have been investigated. Three new species, Gasteranthus aurantiacus M. Freiberg, G. atrolimbus M. Freiberg, and G. acuticarinatus M. Freiberg, are described and illustrated in preparation for a contribution for the Gesneriaceae in the Flora of Ecuador. While both G. acuticarinatus and G. atrolimbus are characterized by a dorsal keel on a tubular, pink to wine-red corolla, the infundibulate, bright orange-colored corolla of G. aurantiacus has a rather wide opening and a large limb.