Authors: Chautems, Alain; Dutra, Valquira F.; Fontana, Andre P.; Peixoto, Mauro; Perret, Mathieu; Rossini, Josiene
Publication: Candollea
Year: 2019
Genera: Sinningia

Three new species of Sinningia Nees (Gesneriaceae) occurring in eastern Brazil and endemic to the state of Espírito Santo are described and illustrated: Sinningia flammea Chautems & Rossini, Sinningia hoehnei Chautems, A.P. Fontana & Rossini and Sinningia stapelioides Chautems & M. Peixoto. Sinningia flammea is unique within the genus by its tubular bright orange corolla with a greenish-yellow throat. Sinningia hoehnei is characterized by white corollas that are laterally and ventrally inflated for most of their length with a yellow throat marked by vinaceous streaks. Sinningia stapelioides strikingly differs from any other species by the combination of a pauciflorous inflorescence borne directly on the tuber that produce large tubular–campanulate corollas, dull red orange outside, inside greenish-cream with a dense network of vinaceous streaks. Comments on morphologic and phylogenetic relationships within the subtribe Ligeriinae are provided, as well as a distribution map and the IUCN  conservation status.