Authors: Clark, John R.; Atkins, Hannah J.; Bramley, Gemma L. C.; Jolles, Diana D.; Roalson, Eric H.; Wagner, Warren L.
Publication: Selbyana
Year: 2013
Genera: Cyrtandra

The objective of this study was to build on a previously published molecular phylogenetic hypothesis for Cyrtandra to identify major clades of the genus in the Solomon Islands. Species of Cyrtandra in the Pacific are represented by locally uncommon, poorly known and rarely collected taxa, a large number of which are at particular risk of extinction due to high rates of deforestation. We propose that research in Cyrtandra has progressed to the point that regional taxonomic revisions can be conducted effectively following procedures developed for Cyrtandra in Malesia and Hawaii. We identify four distinct clades in the Solomon Islands, each characterized by suites of morphological characters that can be used to circumscribe taxa for revision. Both genetically sampled taxa for the phylogenetic analysis and unsampled taxa are evaluated based on morphological traits that differentiate these four clades. A hypothesis of relationship is proposed as a model for future taxonomic revision of the genus in this region that includes 24 species and two additional taxa possibly new to science. A diagnostic key to the clades currently recognized in the Solomons and an annotated checklist of recognized species are also included as a foundation for future work in the archipelago.