Authors: Bertling, Markus
Publication: Phytotaxa
Year: 2019
Genera: Tetraphyllum

Tetraphyllum Griff. ex C.B.Clarke (Gesneriaceae) has erroneously been replaced by Tetraphylloides Doweld, as he considered Tetraphyllum Hosius & von der Marck an angiosperm and thus its earlier homonym. Reinvestigation of the holotype of the type species Tetraphyllum dubium Hosius & von der Marck, however, shows this to be a trace fossil. The latter is re-validated as an ichnotaxon herein. Since botanical and zoological names do not compete for homonymy or synonymy, Tetraphylloides Doweld is a younger synonym of Tetraphyllum C.B.Clarke. In due course, Tetraphylloidinae Doweld is a younger synonym of Tetraphyllinae A. Weber & Mich. Möller; Tetraphylloides Doweld and Tetraphylloidinae Doweld are illegitimate names.

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